The story of five Somali students at a moment that could change their lives and the future of their country, forever

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SOMALILAND is a feature-length documentary about five Somali students applying to US universities from the unrecognized country of Somaliland. They seek the best educations in the world in order to develop their nation in the future. But for over thirty years, no students from Somaliland have been accepted to American universities. The students all hail from Abaarso School, a new American-run high school founded by a former hedge fund manager with no experience in education. Just as his young school begins to provide life-changing opportunities to his students, elements of society begin conspiring against him leaving his students' progress and dreams precariously hanging in the balance.

Production Stills

Check out some of our production stills from nearly two years of filming, including five trips to Somaliland and dozens in the United States

Production Stills

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